Inspired by the ancient Polynesian canoes and way of life, this new born eco-friendly catamaran adds a green touch to the turquoise hues of the most beautiful lagoon in the world.

The ELYT canoes are designed & built in Tahiti. They represent a new generation of custom catamarans focussed on sharing the Tahitian overwater way of life.

The love of the ocean runs in the family. The life and memory of Alain Colas, the French single-handed ocean sailor of legend lost at sea, has been a source of inspiration for many, and especially his son, Torea Colas, co-founder of ELYT Charter Tahiti, with his wife, Emily Biotteau-Colas.

It was in the Pacific ocean that Colas was born to the sea. Escaping modern city life was what brought him to Tahiti. This spirit of adventure and freedom, symbolized by the seabird of voyage Manureva, is what ELYT Charter aspires to share with travelers.

As a true wonder of this world, Tahiti, its nature, its culture and its people have a lot to offer. And when the escape is transcended by a deeper meaning, the voyage is not only about discovering a different place, but also discovering oneself.